Hipster scourge has reached Africa

Forget Williamsburg, forget freaking Hackney, the most authentic hipster fashions are in Congo Market, Freetown.
Anyone who can pull off a croc-like footwear deserves a fashion honour. Ayoub, big props to you and your white plastic perforated rain shoes.

Granted this is a simple outfit, jeans and white T but look at that hat! And something about the manbag around the neck makes it all so original.

Same guy, same hat. He really does wear it well.


I’ve been spending  this wet season doing what most people did about five years ago..watching back-to-back episodes of The Wire. I thought this guy had a bit of a ‘Bubbs’ vibe about him. Just like the hapless Bubbs, he also had a real bounce in his step as he trotted off after I took his photo (hopefully not to score crack).

Rashid took a risk when he decided to wear his shirt as a headpiece and team it with an apricot polyester dress..but miraculously it all just works. And the hint of red flannelette for a truly London Fields look really caps it off.
Another man in a dress. A lot of the sellers at the Congo Cross market like to model the frocks they are selling.

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