Don’t rag on the do-rag

Do-rags have an appalling reputation where I come from. I think the problem is they just look terrible on white people. But stretch one over the noggin of a Sierra Leonian and voila, instant chic.
Look at beautiful Margaret, mother of Suri Cruise fashion rival, 5 year old Ayasha. The ‘rag, the earrings, the colour blocking. She’s all set for an American Apparel poloroid.
I don’t know if it’s a do-rag, but this white teri-cloth hand towel tied around the head of 21 year old hotness Peter creates that same effect. And frankly it’s turning me on.

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  1. I had an office job a few years back in Sydney and often wore a rag — it has long been part of my "look". I was pretty upset one afternoon when a colleague told me that someone in the office thought I had cancer. Keep up the fab fash commentary Ms Dunlop.


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