Don’t rag on the do-rag

Do-rags have an appalling reputation where I come from. I think the problem is they just look terrible on white people. But stretch one over the noggin of a Sierra Leonian and voila, instant chic.
Look at beautiful Margaret, mother of Suri Cruise fashion rival, 5 year old Ayasha. The ‘rag, the earrings, the colour blocking. She’s all set for an American Apparel poloroid.
I don’t know if it’s a do-rag, but this white teri-cloth hand towel tied around the head of 21 year old hotness Peter creates that same effect. And frankly it’s turning me on.

Sierra Leonians are the pioneers of matchy matchy

Matchy matchy – another one of those fashion words that makes me want to stab myself. Somehow its meaning has turned around in recent months. No longer is it an insult to be a bit ‘matchy matchy’, suddenly it’s all cool again to take your mother’s advice and match your shirt to your skirt to your belt and shoes. Fashion really is idiotic. In Freetown, ‘Matchy Matchy’ has never gone out of style. A typical africana outfit for women is a matching skirt and top with matching head wrap, essentially a three piece matchy matchy match-off.

Hannah busted out this delight which features a painting of the Holy Family on an ‘Africaner Friday’ when offices around the country go crazy with the matchy matchy. Note the three essential pieces: head wrap, top and skirt.


Two matchy matchy outfits that match each other. Thank you Esther and Ayasha who are actually part of a larger singing group that for some reason were loitering around the Ministry of Health, all looking smart in their matchy matchy on a Tuesday morning. And the nod to Burberry through those head wraps is genius. 

This is not a great photo (sorry Zulaika) but I do love the fabric. Reminds me of my dear friend Sonya’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress from last year, but in blue. She didn’t wear a head wrap either. But that was before the matchy matchy renaissance. Who knows what could have happened if she had got married a year later.