I’m with the band

Where there’s a guitar lead and amp, you’re bound to find a pair of skinny jeans and three-piece suit. Fashion and music really are best friends forever. An exclusive/VIP/invite-only/b-side only/lockdown/jam session at Ballanta Music Academy on Friday was no different, with performers and groupies alike flaunting their finest ‘I’m going to a gig’ threads.
Just to give you an idea of the musical magic that was taking place on stage check this out.
You can almost hear the beat-boxing between lead vocalists ‘Darling Boy’ and Benji as they blow the roof off the house.
The hipsters went wild for Edwin who stepped in for a set on lead vocals.
Enough of the music, now let’s examine the fashions…
Christiana has accessorized the sh*t out of this simple white playsuit. OK, so the Chanel is a knock-off but who cares when can you team it with matchy matchy flouro pink flats and earrings.
Big ups to Sahid. This Freetown rap artist says Jay-Zee is his music and fashion inspiration. He likes a simple T, baggy jeans and prefers to keep the shades on at all times of the day. Let me be your Beyonce please Sahid.
Benji, I have a feeling that hipsters around the globe are going to latch onto this Africaner shirt look. Always remember, you did it first Benji.
‘Darling Boy’. First I’d like to check your ID, then I’d like to ask you on a date.


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