Freetown is not a reliable place to buy a Birkin

When I spotted this $4 bargain at the market under a pile of dirty old belts and vinyl shoes my pulse started racing. The holy grail of handbags, a Birkin! I had just won the fashion lottery. Not only had I jumped to the front of a 10-year waiting list, scrambling past the likes of Rachel Zoe and Posh Spice, I had saved myself $9996.
Soon enough though, a colleague kindly burst my bubble by asking the sobering question: Why would the world’s most expensive handbag be made of pleather? While choking back the tears of denial I did several hours of googling ‘How to tell if my Birkin is fake’ on slow speed internet, just to be absolutely sure.  My worst fears were confirmed and reconfirmed again and again, my Birkin is an embarrassing cheap knock-off. Boo.
But you have to admit the colour is gorgeous and when teamed with another high-end designer piece like the genuine Christian Dior scarf that Shek (father of Suri Cruise fashion rival Ayasha and husband of do-rag wearing Margaret) is wearing you really can’t tell the difference…sort of.

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