Fashion in a time of cholera

You may have heard that Sierra Leone is facing its biggest cholera outbreak in 15 years. People all over the country, and particularly those in the crowded slums of Freetown where the epidemic spreads like wildfire, are suffering. In Freetown alone, more than 6000 people have fallen victim to the dreaded watery diarrhea in just a month. Read about it (and other important global issues) here.My office has gone into overdrive in the past few weeks as we try to respond to what is starting to feel like Armageddon. I’ve been so damn busy it’s even been a challenge to mottle together a respectable outfit each morning. My colleague Aunty ‘no-nonsense’ Edith on the other hand, has no problems in that department. She is the personal assistant and wind-beneath-the-wings of our organisation’s big boss. It’s a stressful place to be at a time like this. When the Oral Rehydration Salts don’t arrive on time, when the chlorine disinfectant runs out, when the cholera treatment center staff go on strike, who do you think has to go and prepare the Nescafe and offer up a bear hug? That’s right, Aunty Edith. In spite of the ulcer inducing strain, Aunty Edith still manages to look elegant under pressure every single morning. Let’s take a  journey through Edith’s wardrobe week.
Edith shuns the Africana on Monday and settles on a let’s-get-down-to-business suit.

A low-key colour choice that oozes signature Edith elegance.


Africana never gets tired when Edith is wearing it.


My personal favourite. Edith achieves an eclectic look in this tie-dye Africana matchy matchy, broken up by a stunning south asian pashmina. Genius. 


Thank god its Friday. Or as we say in Sierra Leone ‘Tel god tenki it’s Friday’. Edith embraces Africana but gives it a twist in one of her many gorgeous mumus.

Thank you Edith  – not only are you the backbone of this office but a gracious model as well!

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