Salt-n-Pepa really is here

Not only is Salt-n-Pepa playing in my head on a loop, I’m seeing them everywhere on the streets of Freetown.


Salima was channeling Salt on Sunday in Congo Cross with her half bleached faux hawke/flat top, animal print and spray-on tights.


I think Zainab has a bit of a Pepa look going on. The blingy gold and crazy mop weave are unmistakable. 


Charles could easily pass for the guy in the ‘Push it‘ video who’s line is ‘Get up on this’. Only for the sexy people! 


This is kind of later era Salt-n-Pepa when Spinderella got hair extensions. Actually I made that up, I just wanted to include this photo of best friends Joanna and Jaminata who were very excited about striking a pose against this brick wall.

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