Freetown Fashpack on location in Marrakech

Apologies for the silence, I’ve been in Morocco this week enjoying a spiritual journey of self discovery and consumerism in the souks of Marrakech. This place is basically like one big Westfield Plaza without the aircon. Once you enter those markets, it’s impossible to escape alive without at least five pashminas, two rugs, some argon oil, a pair of leather sandals and an ornate lamp shade.

While the shopping choices are diverse, there’s really just one fashion story to tell: the kaftan. 

If you get that Kaftan feeling, I suggest heading straight to Maison Du Caftan Marocain which has a Kaftan for every occasion. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw in that embarrassing Sex and the City sequal when I walked through the doors of Maison and was greeted by long time kaftan dealer Mohsen Jalali. This emporium of kaftan-mania is literally draped wall-to-wall in these robes of glamour.

Mohsen suspects there are 1000s in the store although no-one has ever counted.

Mohsen displays a 150 year old kaftan made from velvet pashmina and threaded with real silver. You wouldn’t want to spill your red wine on this one. 

These are the two I chose. A cotton embroidered classic for swanning around the house on the weekend – it looks like it’s been tailor made for a sumo wrestler but actually hangs very nicely. And a black evening kaftan for Saturday night at the disco or a relaxed meal with friends. 

Kaftans are a family affair. That’s my mate Mohsen on the left with his aunt Khadija in the middle proudly holding a gas canister and Mohsen’s charming father Laabi, the big daddy of the Marrakech kaftan industry on the right. 
You can find Mo’ and the fam at:
Maison Du Caftan Marocain
65 Rue Sidi El Yamani Mouassine Marrakech – Maroc
Ph: +212 (0) 524389214

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