Sports fashions don’t always have to be uncool

Fashion and sport. In many ways it’s an awkward relationship. As we saw repeatedly at the recent London Olympics (hello weighlifters, synchronised swimmers, shot putters, volleyball players and basically anyone wearing lycra or a tracksuit), function seems to always trump style when it comes to sports fashion. At the national stadium in Freetown however the story is different. It’s a carnival of cutting edge functionality uncompromised by gold medal style.


Tommy leads the pack in this off-the-shoulder onesie in red which he fashioned himself simply by pulling one of the straps down to reveal a secret weapon – his right peck.


Bintu is the fastest girl in her class. And it’s no wonder with these pink two toned bike shorts.


Pocket rocket Edward psyches out his competitors in these blue spotted lyra shorts. He can run 200 meters in 29 seconds, a very respectable time which he attributes to relentless training and of course his shorts.


Usain…is that you?


Ah no…its his more fashionable Sierra Leonian rival Claudius Bolt who can almost beat his world record time while wearing a beanie.

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