Let’s not talk politics

It’s election season in Freetown and on Saturday I found myself downtown, accidentally breaking all security protocol, in the middle of the opposition party rally.This post would probably be a good opportunity to delve a little into Sierra Leonian politics and burning election issues,  so let’s talk about election rally fashions. The  Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) folk certainly know how to throw together an oufit in their party colour – green. The town centre was like St Patrick’s Day at Scruffy Murphy’s, only the crowd was WAY better dressed and I didn’t see anyone throwing up.
Sarah strikes a confident pose in one of her husband’s favourite Africana shirts. The hat, sunglasses and dangly green earrings give the look a festival vibe, perfect for dancing on the street.
Vote 1 Miatta. Green tights, green bag, green laces and a really hot weave.
Francis is another lady who knows how to accessorize. The disco tights were really quite fantastic in the flesh and don’t get me started on the head wrap.
Hipsters are very political in Freetown. Isa’s SLPP -friendly green skinny jeans and white T in no way compromises his devotion to his hipster uniform.

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