Sports fashions don’t always have to be uncool

Fashion and sport. In many ways it’s an awkward relationship. As we saw repeatedly at the recent London Olympics (hello weighlifters, synchronised swimmers, shot putters, volleyball players and basically anyone wearing lycra or a tracksuit), function seems to always trump style when it comes to sports fashion. At the national stadium in Freetown however the story is different. It’s a carnival of cutting edge functionality uncompromised by gold medal style.


Tommy leads the pack in this off-the-shoulder onesie in red which he fashioned himself simply by pulling one of the straps down to reveal a secret weapon – his right peck.


Bintu is the fastest girl in her class. And it’s no wonder with these pink two toned bike shorts.


Pocket rocket Edward psyches out his competitors in these blue spotted lyra shorts. He can run 200 meters in 29 seconds, a very respectable time which he attributes to relentless training and of course his shorts.


Usain…is that you?


Ah no…its his more fashionable Sierra Leonian rival Claudius Bolt who can almost beat his world record time while wearing a beanie.

Celebrity airport fashions and an interview with West African rap sensation Crazybrodas

Thanks to the paparazzi and inspirational role models like Miranda Kerr, it’s no longer acceptable to sloth around an airport in a pair of tracky dacks and ugg boots. Queuing in a check-in line and meandering aimlessly through a duty free shop requires a certain type of outfit.
While I was wandering aimlessly around Casablanca International Airport, I was struck by two very well dressed young men. I knew I’d seen them somewhere before, and I just couldn’t help but shamelessly approach them, the conversation went something like this:
JD: Hey guys, what up yo? I just have to ask, you look familiar, are you P-Square*?
Andy from Crazybrodas: Ah no, we’re Crazybrodas.
JD: Oh god, I’m so sorry
Emo from Crazybrodas: No problem, we get it all the time.
As it turned out Crazybrodas were transiting between Milan where they live and Lagos where they were headed to record their first mixed tape. Given their enormous celebrity all over Africa, the bros were pretty cool. No insufferable diva attitude with these guys. They were happy to chat about fashion, fame, music and their best friends P-Square.
Crazybrodas – Emo on the left and Andy on the right dressed in their gangsta fashions with a heavy Milanese influence.
JD: Crazybrodas, who are your fashion and music inspirations?
Andy: I like Jay-Z
Emo: Definitely 50 Cent.
Andy: I also really dig 2Face, he’s my Nigerian mentor. He has seven kids from seven different women.
JD: You’re airport fashions are really hot, what kind of clothes do you usually like to wear?
Emo: We wear a lot of Armani and Calvin Klein. Lots of bling.
Andy: We also like wearing cologne, Hugo Boss and Diesel, the ladies like it.
JD: Do you get a lot of female attention?
Andy: So much, sometimes its hard to say no. Girls can be trouble, I don’t want a girlfriend, I want to be free.
JD: Well, that’s disappointing. Can we just talk about P Squared please, are you really friends with them?
Emo: Sure, we hang out when we’re in Nigeria.
JD: Are they totally minted?
Andy: Totally, they own seven cars and a massive house.
JD: That’s crazy, who needs seven cars?
Emo: The’re cool guys though, they have a real twin connection goin on, when one of them is in pain, the other one feels it.
Emo: You know Paul, the younger brother is looking for love, I could give him your phone number when we see them.
JD: Thanks Emo, that would be really nice of you.
Emo: No problem.
JD: Well Crazybrodas, my flight is ready to board, thanks for the chat. You guys are super cute and really cool, let’s stay in touch.
Andy: No problem, come visit us in Nigeria or Milan, we’ll get our mum to make you some cassava leaves.

Andy shows me a Crazybrodas film clip on Youtube and signs an autograph.

Check out the clip. My first reaction was ‘what a tasteless display of misogyny’. The guys assure me though it was out of their creative control and they plan to reshoot it in the future.
Peace out brodas – the obligatory groupie shot.

  *For those of you living on another planet, P-Square are a Nigerian R and B duo composed of identical twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye. They are super popular and it’s difficult to get through a day in West Africa without hearing their timeless hit ‘Chop my Money’ blaring from a bus, shop, house or portable ghetto blaster strapped to someone’s shoulder.