Stella McCartney is at it again

Does Stella have no shame? In a show of bald-face artistic copyright infringement, Ms McCartney once again ‘borrows’ the trailblazing designs of the Freetown Fashpack and claims them as her own. Many of you may still be reeling from a similar incident in September when Freetowner Elizabeth also fell victim to her copycat ways.
Let’s first examine Stella’s pyjama suit:

                                                                        Photo by Go Runway

Stella released a whole load of these jammies in her summer 2013 collection all featuring sophisticated prints and I’m not talking pastel teddy bears and clouds.
And surprise surprise Mohammed’s pyjama suit bares a striking resemblance to Stella’s PJs. I asked Mohammed where he found his suit, “My Dad gave me these jammies, they have been in the family for years, his father who actually designed them gave them to him and I will pass them onto my son,”. Yep, it’s clear that Mohammed’s design got jacked by Stella. 
And if you think this is all just an unfortunate coincidence, lets look at another example: Mr Sylla Mamady dressed in another pair of pyjamas that are pretty much identical to Stella’s design. Again some probing questions revealed that Sylla bought his suit from a vintage boutique in Conakry (Capital of neighbouring Guinea). Very interesting indeed. If you’re out there Stella, the game is up.  We can settle this out of court, please just send a big fat cheque of $1 billion Leones to Sylla and Mohammed by close of business tomorrow.

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