Is there a doctor in the house? …preferably one wearing short sleeves

It’s a timeless African classic, the short-sleeved men’s suit. In some circles it’s referred to as the French Suit, in others the familiar Safari Suit. Always distinguished, always classy.

Charming Nigerian immunization guru Dr Nuhu resists the temptation to wear a scruffy T-shirt displaying a public health message as seen so often in the world of international development. Instead he is always impeccably polished in a French suit and warm smile. 
It’s not quite a suit but deserves a mention anyway. Director for Disease Prevention and Control with the Ministry of Health, Dr Jambai is out-of-control in this Africana buttoned jacket which he has balanced beautifully with a sharp black pant. Again the short sleeves provide that key element that makes the African suit jacket unmistakably chic.

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