More well-dressed Jallohs

Spend a couple of days in Freetown and you’re guaranteed to meet someone with the last name Jalloh. As we’ve seen previously through photos of Freetown’s favourite tailor, Unisa Jalloh and his sister in-law Kadijatu, these Jallohs, they know how to dress. 

First cousin of Unisa Jalloh, Mohammed Jalloh cuts a fine silhouette in this bright yellow jaliba layered thoughtfully over a printed shirt and teamed with a white hat.

Mariatu Jalloh is not related to Unisa Jalloh however she does live across the road from him. I’m starting to think Unisa is the Kevin Bacon of Freetown, he is pretty much connected to everyone. Mariatu’s dazzling pink sequined two-piece is dressed down for a daytime-appropriate choice when teamed with this low-key head wrap

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