Don’t sacrifice comfort for style this new years eve

Happy New Year Freetown Fashpack-ers. Here’s to the year that’s passed, one we will remember for its weaves, head wraps, africana matchy and let’s not forget the do-rag

I suspect right about now you’re trying to decide what to wear tonight as we prepare to raise our crystal champagne saucers to 2013. I think the key is balancing comfort with cork-popping glamour. Let’s face it, anything can happen on new years eve and the outfit needs to take you from night into day and possibly back into night again depending on where you end up. Let’s take some inspiration from some of Freetown’s finest.


Remember the stylish work wardrobe of Freetown waitress Mariama? Well her play outfits are just as eye-catching. Mariama’s very own tailoring skills are in fact responsible for this boho take on the africana matchy ensemble. Clever lady!
Matilda is planning on staying out all night in this front zippered, spray-on, leopard print frock. Great for any News Years dance floor. I am however slightly concerned she’ll be cursing those stiletto heels when there’s not a taxi in sight in the wee hours. 

Mariama has struck precisely the right balance between comfort and glamour. A sexy dress, matching makeup, fabulous jewellery. The sensible yet stylish sandals and jacket (how many times has that southerly change kicked in and you forgot the jacket!) will add that comfort factor we all crave at 6am.
Local rapper Edwin sticks to a classic Argyle knit and contrasting yellow jeans this new year. Looking utterly stylish and relaxed, Edwin plans on celebrating with his family and could quite possibly busting out an Azonto dance at some point in the evening.

HAPPY NEW YEAR again readers. Big thanks for all the positive feedback. And no doubt 2013 will be the most fashionable one yet.

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