Beating the back to work blues with blue

For many of us (not me – thank you unemployment!), the holidays are over and the work year has begun. I’m actually struggling to find anything upbeat to say about this cold hard reality. While the temptation would be to dress head to toe in black as you mourn the end of the holiday season, I think the best way to deal with the jarring shift back into the work environment is by dressing in your favourite blue outfit.  

Despite the mountains of work ahead of her in 2013, my cheerful colleague Mariama is all smiles in this perfect teal blue matchy


Animata gets down to business in a classic Africana matchy print. The slight peplum waist creates a flattering silhouette complimented by a subtle flare around the sleeves.


John’s sky blue two-piece is perfect for a soft landing back to the world of five hour meetings, demanding bosses and fluorescent lights.

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