Headwrap hijack at Melbourne wedding

The worst fashion mistake you can make at a wedding is to steal the bride’s thunder by dressing in white. I recently attended the nuptials of Melbourne friends Melissa and Marshall and stayed well away from that oily caper by dressing in my custom made Unisa Jalloh matchy with clashing head-wrap.



I felt pretty excited to be wearing an original Sierra Leonian design,  but when the bride made her dramatic entrance I wanted to down several more champagnes and then run for cover.


Melissa had teamed her stunning Carla Zampatti floor length white lace gown with the exact same head wrap that I was wearing. She assured me there were no hard feelings and we agreed that it was just an unfortunate mistake and not an attempt on my part to compete with the bride. I think this head wrap fiasco is also a testament to the growing popularity of the wrap in the global fashion scene. Congratulations M and M, wishing you a long, happy and fashionable life together.

Fashpack on location in Australia

Posts have been irregular lately, and readers, a heartfelt apology to all (five) of you. The good news is that while I’ve been bludging my pants off on an extended summer holiday in Australia, the site has been slightly revamped. Stay tuned for some fashion delicacies from these sunburnt shores which include unexpected hints of Freetown inspired style as well as unique Aussie looks.


Speaking of, this is me and my darling mother perched in front of the jewel of the Australian outback – Uluru. Joan’s number one fashion tip is ‘Always have clean hair and clean teeth’. Her outback look includes a pink cotton gingham shirt, khaki shorts and a sensible pair of walkers. And in case you’re wondering, we are both reading the best book of 2012 –The Burial, written by my clever friend Courtney Collins. Go buy a copy and then visit Uluru.