Hot guys with headphones

Hello from Fashion HQ! I’m back Freetown following a three month break. You can rest assured that the streets of Freetown remain an eyeball popping perve-fest. There’s a lot to report on but let’s start with a new trend that’s impossible to ignore – the hoards of hot guys with headphones, they are everywhere!


17 year old Musa was pounding the pavement while listening to his favourite Azonto mix (yes, it is still being played from boom-boxes on every corner). His brother recently sent him the headphones all the way from Atlanta Georgia.


23 year old Issa makes a statement not only with his head set, but his man-beads as well, another snappy trend amongst the lads of Freetown.


Hassan is high decibel hotness in these state-of-the-art modern-look white headphones.


Joseph has the headphone look down pat but let’s also discuss the outfit. Joseph actually lives in Benin which is why he has the head of ‘Oracle’ Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion displayed all over his body. I’d never heard of this guy, but according to Wiki he’s stupidly minted and owns lots of stuff in Benin and Nigeria but is also very generous and likes building universities and hospitals. Whatever his caper there’s no denying that his face looks good when printed on a waxed cotton.

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  1. I Love Hot Guys with Headphones!

    From stupidly minted through modern-look, man beeds to cutey-pie. Keep up the good work Fashpack, may we live through your SLone lens.


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