Hot guys with hats

I promise this hot guy tangent will end soon, but not before we’ve examined another recent trend in Freetown amongst the lads, a distinguished hat. They’re an accessory I once saw only on the fashion mavericks of Sierra Leone – the Okada drivers. But theatrical head wear seems to have seeped through to the mainstream.


Issa brings back that iconic late 90s piece – the Hawaiin shirt and gives it a dramatic twist by teaming it with a policeman’s hat in a Chips meets Hawaii Five-O fusion.


Again, it’s all about the drama. Hot Harry in a Hat is already to solve a mystery and fight some crime in this timeless ‘deerstalker’.


For a casual day at the beach, Medking wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of board shorts and a scruffy old t-shirt, he’s committed to his gangster look whatever the location. His subtle houndstooth fedora and sterling silver and diamond encrusted $ chain add a hit of luxe to this hot-weather look.

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  1. I LOOOVE this blog so so much!!! I can’t believe how trendy the peeps are in Sierra Leone. Sydney should be ashamed!!!


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