This is how you launch a Fashion Week

An event is not an event in Sierra Leone unless it starts with a parade led by a pick-up truck carrying a five speaker sound system down a busy street at peak hour, and that’s precisely how SLFW13 kicked off yesterday. Resisting the more conventional fashion week launch routine of champagne and canapes, Tiah and her models proudly sashayed down the ever congested Kissy Rd in a carnival of mayhem. Tiah_low_res_micThere’s MC Tiah, reaching out to the people of Freetown and spreading the word about fashion,  “Sierra Leone Fashion Week 2013, an originator, not a duplicator”. Ain’t that the truth.


Model ‘Mr Val’ who has traveled from Bo district to be part of SLFW13 is leading the chant “Originator not duplicator”. The sound engineering team are hard at work making sure the PA system is at maximum level and all ear drums are bursting.

models on parade_lowres

The screaming was loud, the oufits were low-key. Simple jeans and white -Ts were the uniform of the day.


Tiah_Screams_low_resAnd there she is again, the inimitable Ms Tiah Knox. An originator, not a duplicator.

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