Sunday Best EVER

The ladies from St. Thomas Church on Kroo Bay Rd really know how to rock the perfect church outfit. These women bring the kind of style to a congregation normally reserved for a royal wedding.


Alvina channels the 80s in this Alexis Carrington-Colby-Dexter inspired ensemble. The body-hugging black lace mini dress is a brave shift away from the obvious Africana Sunday service attire seen commonly in Freetown. It provides the perfect canvas for a fine collection of accessories – a natural straw hat, Africana covered fabric shoes and a striking pair of green hoops.

Zepora_low_resAgain, the 80s is waving at us through Zepora’s superbly tailored frock. Those extravagant parachute style sleeves are perfectly showcased in a subdued beige and the statement necklace is killer.

Henrietta_low_resIf I were to name three style cues I can’t live without, I would have to say anything in pink, a puff sleeve and a high waist. Henrietta you are a woman close to my heart, pulling them all of with such effortless polish.

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