An ‘It’ bag you can’t live without

Throw away your Birkin, burn your Celine, stomp all over your Marc Jacobs there’s a new ‘It’ bag on the block. Introducing this season’s Fashpack ‘Totes Amazeballs Tote Bag’. Made from 100% waxy West African cotton by local tailor Unisa Jalloh, the TATB is currently available for a bargain Le 30,000 exclusively in  Freetown by emailing me at If you live elsewhere and you need one now, looks like you’re going to have to book a flight to Sierra Leone and pick one up in person, which would be totally worth it. Otherwise you can wait for our international distribution service which will hopefully take off in the coming months (or years, let’s be realistic).

IMG_1789 Adorable model Ibrahim Kabbia displays three different designs, all using a powerful clash of prints which are guaranteed to clash with whatever it is you’re wearing. All sales will help support the Freetown Fashpack Runners to compete in the Sierra Leone Marathon in Makeni on 26 May.

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