The Councillor gets behind the Freetown Fashpack Runners

In a dramatic show of fashion and sporting support, local celebrity ‘The Councillor’ (who was just featured on the site) was seen wearing a Freetown Fashpack Runners headband. In case you haven’t heard, the FFR are a team of Sierra Leone’s best long and middle distance runners who will travel to Makeni on the weekend to compete in the Sierra Leone Marathon.

Councillor_lowResThe Councillor is all smiles in his teri-toweling pink head band.


And there it is up close, the Councillor shows his love for the Freetown Fashpack Runners. Thanks Councillor!

My fashion week: The Councillor

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you will know that Okada Drivers are the boys around town with the tightest fashion budget but in my opinion the most cutting-edge style. They can team a hyper-colour T-shirt with a pair of crocs and still have fashion cred. The leader of this trail-blazing pack is Abu ‘The Councillor’ Koroma, Inspector General of Okada in Freetown who has been featured previously on the site. If you’re lucky enough to ride with Abu, it soon becomes clear that pretty much the whole town knows him. You’ll have people shouting from every direction, ‘Councillor! Councillor!’, you may even have to stop while he shakes hands with his fans at a round-about or pops into an Okada driver meeting on the side of the road.

In November Abu will run for the National Okada Elections with the hope of becoming the Mack Daddy of the Okada Driver Association for the whole of Sierra Leone. Freetown Fashpack wishes the Councillor all the best in his political pursuits and we salute him on his impeccable style.

Monday_low_resA classic Councillor look – authoritarian yet playful. The Councillor loves a theatrical brass button, polished shoes and the ultimate power accessory – a walkie talkie. It doesn’t actually work but that’s really not important, it looks damn fine.

Tuesday_low_resThis outfit is making me hum the theme song to the Love Boat while I imagine the Councillor with a cocktail shaker in his hand as he stares deeply into my eyes and suggests we head up to the top deck when he finishes his shift.

Thursday_low_resThe Councillor fuses hipster black-rimmed glasses with a polished pair of cuban cowboy boots, and an outdoor adventure style vest with multiple pockets for storing change. The Councillor’s creativity knows no bounds.

Friday_low_resThe Councillor relaxes on a Sunday in this off-duty white and red ensemble inspired by 80s rapper Flavour Flav. Money in D Bank and style all over your bodi Councillor!