NearFar is more than just a line from a Celine Dion song

If you read the posts of Freetown Fashpack and despair at not having a skerrick of Africana in your wardrobe because you can’t find it in your local shop, then despair no longer.  Freetown-based British designer Stephanie Hogg and her ethical and edgy label NearFar is bringing Africana to the world.

Steph’s designs are all about using bold Africana prints but tempering them with refined, classic and tailored silhouettes.  Apart from creating  some very cool and totally wearable threads, NearFar also provides sustainable employment to local Freetown tailors.

While Steph’s designs are perhaps more subtle than your average Africana explosion, she is inspired by the Africana extremists she sees parading around Freetown. “I love a fish tail, puff sleeve and a shoulder pad in a bold print, I love the showiness of West African Fashions, the ‘look at me’ element is fantastic”,  she says.

Lowres_StephAnd look at Steph elegantly modelling her own NearFar ensemble. A classic mini, the popular Tombo Jacket (which was recently worn by Solange freaking Knowles!), a classic tote bag and spectacular headwrap all combine for a balanced yet playful take on the Africana look.

Tailors_LowresAnd let’s not forget the wind beneath Steph’s wings, her trusty tailors Vandy and Bobson enjoying the camera in their stunning headwraps.

Check out this short clip (produced by the talented Fid Thompson) to see Steph and her people in action:

For all stockists and the latest catalogue visit the NearFar website here. For those outside of Freetown you will be glady to know that you can purchase NearFar at a number of online outlets and stores in the UK, Australia, South Africa, France and the US. This is especially good news for those Aussies who want a cool cotton suitable for an Australian summer ( I know you are freezing your tits off right now, but in five months you’ll be thanking me).

For those in Freetown, you can visit Steph and her tailors at the NearFar workshop in Murray Town, just make an appointment over email (

Now get shopping!

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