Princess Catherine Polka Dots

The global fashion media went nuts this week for the blue polka dot dress worn by Princess Catherine when she introduced the new royal prince to the world. There’s no doubt it was a cute dress but if you want polka dots, she has nothing on these two Freetown fashion plates.

Salieu_low_resSalieu was on his way to the mosque when I spotted (ha!) him wearing this two piece matchy ensemble he saves only for the holy month of Ramadan. I didn’t ask about the label but I’m assuming Jenny Packham bespoke.

Jacinta_low_resSpeaking of bespoke, sassy law student Jacinta is wearing an entire outfit made by her master seamstress sister. The black and white polka dot pencil skirt, apricot blouse, peep-toe pumps and sophisticated jewellery create a picture of grown-up elegance.

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