Bald by design

As follically challenged men around the world attempt desperately to disguise their thinning locks with a clean shave or a comb over, thick haired Shekur Kargbo has turned the anti-bald sentiment on it’s shiny head. In an act many would describe as a hairdressing crime against humanity, Shekur has not only given himself a bald patch, he has managed to pull off this controversial look with nothing less than masculine swagger.

Shekur_Low_resA haircut like this deserves a matching outfit and Shekur has made the perfect choice with his animal print body top, tight 70s-cut trousers and gold chain. When I asked him why he chose that particular haircut he simply said, “This is my style”. We can’t argue with that Shekur, your style is fly.

Friday best

Holy month fashions just keep on rolling in Freetown. Head of one of Freetown’s many downtown mosques, Sheik Jalloh saves this outfit for Ramadan Friday prayer.

Sheik_Jalloh_low_resSheik is all fancy pants finery in this exquisite black cloak with embroidered gold detailing and a beautiful matching hat. And he has his wife to thank for scrubbing up so well, she does all his washing and won’t let him leave the house unless his shoes are shining.