Hipster flashback

The hipster scourge has spread so far now, many would argue that the term has lost its meaning. To me Sidi who I met at Congo Market (the global ground zero of hipster fashions) represents an early version of the contemporary hipster that emerged in the mid 2000’s.

SidiDon’t you remember? cute boys wearing plaid shirts, shorts and shoes without socks, a cap and a more restrained beard. I love this look and now when I see a young man with facial hair down to his knees in a fluorescent crop top and poo pants, I yearn for that time when a hipster outfit was just a more simple affair. Sidi is sending all the right messages in his pink and blue check with matching pink bag, the key one being “Yes I live in an urban area, I value independent thinking and progressive politics but I am not a douche”.

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