Low-key Gaga

Local model and Fourah Bay College student Samuella is back on the pages of Fashpack right where she belongs. It’s a rare pleasure to run into this amazonian princess, but when we do, Samuella is all over that camera lense like her modelling career depended on it.

Samuella_low_resThis time our lofty beauty experiments with a new on-trend look she says is inspired by one of her fashion idols – Lady Gaga. The tube skirt and crop top create a dangerous silhouette and when teamed with a towering pair of stilettos, a statement necklace and those very LG flavoured shades, who knows what could happen. Ra ra ra ra ra aa.

Gentleman Style

Freetown Rapper Nex Lu is trying out a new image he likes to call “Gentleman Style”. In a step away from his standard Kanye vibe, Nex has thrown together a more sophisticated look that includes a check shirt with jeans and a pair of nerd glasses that have automatically increased his IQ by 200 points.


“I don’t follow trends, I do things on my own, in my own way”, says Nex. Yes, yes you do Mr Lu!