Africana with rules

Fattie likes to stick to a look that I think would impress my mother. “I’m natural, I don’t like weaves and I don’t like makeup and I like my clothes to be clean and ironed”.

Fattie_Low_res “I always match my bag with my dress and my shoes, it looks better this way. “Fattie, who also happens to be a fabric seller in Malamar Thomas St, is the master seamstress behind her panelled Africana print dress as well as the matching tote. She may have some goody goody ideas, but she sure knows how knock up a great looking outfit while playing by her own rules.

An old friend

Does anyone remember Great Hero, the people’s preacher of Freetown? Of course you do, this guy is unforgettable. The self described ‘administrative colossus’ (if you have any idea what that means please email me and let me know), sure knows how to get the crowd’s attention. I  found him in the depths of PZ market, spreading the word of peace, love and fashion to an audience of loyal followers.

The ‘Hero’ brand of style is original, eclectic and always a conversation. His love of the world, peace and the human race in general is reflected in his fashion choices which he usually hand picks from different cultures. Starting from the bottom, those croc skin cuban boots are from Chile, the suit is an Italian job, the shirt is made in the UK and that walking cane is a gift from a Turkish mate. The hat brings the whole international fashion journey together but it’s origins are a mystery – “I found it at the markets, I think it could be Indonesian”.