Bald and Blonde

Remember Shekur? That charismatic Freetown lad who is so committed to his 70’s Lothario look he reached for the clippers and gave himself a bald patch? Well he’s taken things one step further and dipped that ring of tight curls into a bottle of peroxide.

Always willing to go out on a limb when it comes to hair, Shekur is proud of his new fresh style and from where I’m standing he is definitely having more fun.

Silver Fox Alert

What could be more elegant than a distinguished older gentleman with a shot of silver hair? A distinguished older gentleman with a shot of silver hair wearing a loud Africana shirt, that’s what!

Joseph works at The Ministry of Health and Sanitation Central Medical Stores. He has owned that shirt for longer than he can remember and says it’s a good choice for the office. But Joseph admits his best feature is that hair, “When you noticed me I know it was because of my hair, it catches people’s eye and they like to look at it. I have had grey hair for many years now, I think its suits me”.