Who is Pink?

When I complimented Hannah on her resemblance to inexplicably popular singer ‘Pink’, she responded with the question “Who is Pink?”.

Hannah_low_resApart from the obvious reply “A singer with pink hair”, it’ a hard question to answer that possibly deserves an episode of “Who do you think you are?”. In the meantime let’s take a perve at Freetown’s version of that  pop/rock sensation whose songs we probably cannot name. Hannah’s outfit is relaxed and paired back, a skinny jean and a directional print top with a simple sandal. She saves all the effort for that incredible hair.

Hannah_face_low_res“It’s just a wig, it’s not my real hair” reveals Hannah. According to the Pink doppel, achieving this edgy 90’s rocker chick look involves the purchase of a basic blonde wig then a clever and cost efficient home dye job plus some cleaning up with the scissors. “People always notice my hair, it is my identity and it makes me feel happy when people look and say you have beautiful hair”.

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