Great Hero understands the fine art of accessorising

You just never know when you are going to run into the people’s preacher and ‘World Best’ designer of Freetown – Great Hero. This time it was outside the post office on Siaka Stevens Street flanked by a scrum of desciples. “What’s going down Great Hero? you like you’re dressed up to receive a Nobel Peace Prize?”, I asked. Not exactly, he was just hanging with mates and showing off some of his most coveted accessories.

Great_Hero_lowresStarting at the top, the military hat is classic ‘Hero’, authoritarian and theatrical. The sub-continental pashmina thrown effortlessly around his neck softens the edges of that killer poly/acetate suit. A single black leather glove is a nod to one of Hero’s heroes – Michael Jackson while a Sierra Leonean flag sash is never out of place on the inimitable legend of Freetown.


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