Birthday babe

When I asked Fashpack regular Victoria if she had plans this Friday night she replied ‘Oh nothing special it’s just my 21st birthday”. NOTHING SPECIAL? I’m not sure about you but where I come from a 21st birthday is a big reason to call your mates and crack a box of the finest cask wine you can get your hands on. Thinking back to my big day, I threw myself a glamorous celebration with the theme of ‘hairstyles’, encouraging all my guests to team their best grunge ensemble with a hair-do of their choice. At the time it made so much sense to make my friends get out the crimper or the rollers or the green hairspray and humiliate themselves in my lounge room. Fast forward almost 20 years (yes I am f**king old) and it’s like my 21 year old self knew that I was going to move to the hair capital of the universe – Freetown – and become obsessed by hair. Maybe now is the right moment to write a letter to my 21 year old self – because the internet needs another one of those letters right?

Dear me,                                                                                                                                                                   You made the right decision having a hair-themed 21st because it represents a magical city you will eventually find yourself in, it’s in the depths of west Africa and it’s called Freetown. You will see many incredible hairstyles, as well as weaves and wigs that will inspire you and ……Victoria_lowresOK, I digress, let’s get back to the real birthday girl, Victoria. I think she is showing us what could possibly be the perfect party dress. A bold print, a playful length and an off-the-shoulder frill like nothing I’ve ever seen. So is it really going to be a night of ‘Nothing special’ Vicky? “Well not really, I’m meeting my boyfriend for dinner and then some friends afterwards for dancing”. Happy Birthday Victoria, may it be your best yet and wishing you  and more great outfits and hairstyles for the year ahead.