Almost normcore

When I caught whiff of the new ‘Normcore’ trend recently, my first thought was “That will never hit Freetown”. How wrong I was. This new dress code which celebrates an absence of style – think Jerry Seinfeld, UNIQLO puffer jackets, and polar fleeces – is the opposite of what you see in these parts. So can you imagine my confusion when I spotted Fashpack regular and Freetown’s answer to a Congolese Sapeur the Reverend Immanuel Benson Palmer in this low key ensemble.


‘Mom’ jeans, converse and double denim, is that really the Rev? a man known so famously for his devotion to Ghanaian mumus and three piece suits?


Indeed it is. Never one to shy away from the latest trend, the Rev. has given Normcore a go,  with mixed results in my opinion. Normcore is clearly at odds with the Rev’s unyielding desire to dress up. He couldn’t help but throw on a chunky silver cross chain more suited to Fifty Cent than an American tourist. The commitment is just not there. I suspect that like all irritating trends that take the world by storm, Normcore will disappear just as quickly as it arrived. For the stylish people of Freetown, let’s cross our fingers that this is the case.

Bringing back the codpiece

I took a glamorous mini break recently to the bustling provincial town of Makeni. Fashion wise I wasn’t expecting much from this ‘poor cousin’ of Freetown, BIG MISTAKE.


Ice cream seller ‘Azonto Ice’ blew my snobby preconceptions out of the water when he strolled past. This avante garde vision in layered lycra looks like he just stumbled out of an Andy Warhol-hosted soiree. The sexy Santa themed leotard, policeman’s hat, short tie and hipster glasses make for an explosive ensemble – but my eye balls were immediately drawn to the elegant black pouch strapped to Azzie’s groin – a CODPIECE. Oh please can this be the start of a revival. The ever-functional codpiece has been around since the 16th century, made a brief comeback through the heavy metal fashions of the 80s and 90s, but nothing since then. I say get out there and buy one today before Stella McCartney teams up with Goop to do a vegan/organic/bespoke/limited edition capsule range. Before long Primark will be on the bandwagon and it will be dead in the fashion dustbin. Don’t delay, strap on a codpiece today.