Must have item: a bed net

Things are getting heavy in Freetown at the mo’. As you may have noticed from the lack of blog action, I’ve barely had a moment to think about the important issue of fashion. The rain has arrived, so has the mac daddy of infectious disease – EBOLA –  and in the past few weeks over three and a half million long lasting insecticide treated nets turned up at the Freetown port.  Thanks to UNICEF (the one’s that deal with the kiddies) and several other health partners, every bed in the country will be protected from the evil malaria by a mozzie net.  For those who do not have a public health masters from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, you may not know that malaria is the biggest killer of under 5 children in Sierra Leone.


While loitering around a net distribution point at Lakka Health Centre outside Freetown on Tuesday, my eyeballs couldn’t help but be impressed by the threads of retired policeman and father of four Mr John Mansaray. Mr Mansaray is working his rainy season steez in this bright mumu and plastic flip flops – perfect for deep puddles. But the best thing about his ensemble  – those two nets under his arm. Let’s hope they have found a home hanging over beds at his house at Lakka beach. Enjoy your net Mr Mansaray, and people of Freetown, I hope you can all do the same.