Handsome scrubs

Can you check my pulse Hassan, I think my heart might be racing! I met this fine looking nurse at the Ebola Treatment Centre at Kenema Hospital. He is one of the many Sierra Leonean staff working tirelessly in the triage area. When patients enter the hospital grounds,  their symptoms are assessed and then if required are moved to the Ebola unit and tested for the disease.


Hassan’s role is frontline and while on the job he usually wears a PPE (personal protection equipment) suit over the top of his scrubs, a face mask and another pair of gloves. It’s not easy operating in the tropics under all those synthetic fibers, can you imagine how sweaty it gets?

Hassan_low_res…..and that’s why in between shifts Hassan changes into a cool cotton Mende two piece. The gumboots stay and so does the visor. You are a courageous man Hassan, your job is vital and Fashpack salutes you!

Shekur stays stylish

I’m not going to lie, things are unsettling in Freetown now as the fashionable people of this fine city confront the Ebola outbreak. While life goes on, we are reminded everyday of Evil B*tch Ebola through posters on the street (see example below), loud speakers screaming crackly Ebola messages, the stink of chlorine and so many tragic stories.  One thing that hasn’t changed though is this town’s commitment to sharp style.


Some-time baldy – Shekur, who is often hanging around his turf outside Connaught Hospital, refuses to let Evil B*tch Ebola get in the way of his sexy fashion choices. Everything Shekur is wearing was purchased from a special boutique downtown which he (understandably) will not disclose. Shekur always wears a tight pant well, this white example with a new season printed poly top is no exception.


Another winning look –  Shek colour blocks the sh*t out of this outfit in those famous Fashpack hues. And what about the slippers? Black velvet with an Asian embroidery. Irresistible.