Africana scrubs

It was only a matter of time before the health workers fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone said “Enough with the green scrubs, bring on the Africana”. From Kenema to Kailahun, the trend seems to be catching on and not a moment too soon. Along with its obvious fashion kudos, the splash of bold print adds light and colour to what can often be a difficult environment.

TambaMSF worker Tamba is excited about his new scrubs,  “I love my scrubs, the design is African”. He also has a lot to say about role as a health promotion officer “I didn’t know anything about Ebola before this outbreak. I used to be afraid of Ebola and I even refused to come to this hospital. But now I know more than anyone about Ebola, ask me anything and I can tell you. We teach the patients about the disease, I love my job”.

Mattu_low_resMattu is another health promotion officer at the MSF Ebola hospital in Kailahun sporting the same subtly designed Africana print scrubs. “The health promoters wanted to look different from the nurses, so we got these scrubs made, I think we look  better and when people see us they know we are on the health promotion team.”

Virpi_low_resJust when you thought no health worker could look smarter than an MSF health promotion officer from Kailahun, the good people at the newly opened Red Cross Ebola Hospital in Kenema came up trumps with this bold Africana print. Finnish nurse Virpi is happy with her new set “I love the print choice, it cheers me up when things are hard, but the damn bleach is playing havoc with the print.”

Marsh_low_resAustralian Nurse Marsh resists the matchy matchy set and goes for a blue colour blocked bottom and the standard Africana print top. “The print was a combined decision between all of us , there were so many choices but I think we went with a great colour”. Will he be wearing them when he goes back to Australia? “I did buy some fabric so I might get a fresh pair made”.

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