Mr Kenema

Eddy is not just another handsome man strolling along Lakka beach outside Freetown, no way. You’re looking at Mr Kenema 2013 and 2014. According to Eddy, he won the title for two consecutive years thanks to his ‘cool and casual style’.

IMG_2545Well dah! Check out the matching monochrome LV print top and pant, and exotic Pakistani pointy toed slippers.

Sunday at the office

Miniratu is one of the many Sierra Leonean staff at the Freetown and Western Area Command Centre working tirelessly on the management of Ebola cases. This means coordinating the flow of information and actions from the moment someone calls the 117 emergency Ebola hotline to report that they or a relative might have Ebola symptoms, right up until when that same patient either survives Ebola and is released from a treatment centre or is buried. IMG_2537Miniratu was snapped on a Sunday in this Africana ensemble, she now works seven days a week and no longer has time to attend her favourite church service. “Right now the Command Centre is more important than Church. I still wear my Sunday clothes though, my tailor made this outfit. Now I pray at my house.” What do you pray for?  “I pray that this sickness will dissolve from our country, I pray that this will happen tomorrow”.