Rapel style and hair product

Anyone who has spent time in Freetown will know it is home to hundreds of tailors. But Ibrahim Charlo Bah is not just a tailor, he is a designer, a wardrobe chameleon and a man with great hair.

IMG_3425 Let’s talk first about the attire, “I call this Rapel style”. I just googled ‘Rapel style’ and…. well….. nothing. But whatever, if ‘Rapel style’ means wearing an embroidered two piece with poo pants, it rocks! Moving onto Ibrahim’s hair.  Those finely moulded finger waves have been achieved by applying a truckload of hair product and avoiding any direct contact with water.

It hasn’t been easy for the tailors of Freetown in the past months, in the words of Ibrahim, “Ebola is breaking businesses and slowing down our country. It is a war for us, we are not hearing gun shots but we are seeing dead bodies”.

If you are in Freetown and feel like some ‘Rapel style’ or just a great new outfit, why not give Ibrahim a buzz. He is waiting for your business +232 76994588. He’ll come to your house, listen to a long-winded vision of your chosen clothes item, measure you up, then return several days later with an original masterpiece. Get on the blower now!

Bow down to Bilikisu

Introducing Connaught Hospital Ebola unit nurse, the beautiful Bilikisu Koroma. Her smile dazzles, her style is on the money and her story will make you want to bow down beneath her high-top clad feet.

IMG_3149Bilikisu’s experience of the Ebola ward has not only been as a nurse treating patients, it is where she spent 12 days battling the disease. Bilikisu lost 17 relatives to Ebola including her father, seven brothers and four sisters before she herself recovered along side her elder brother Jusif. Her grief is impossible to imagine and her resilience and optimism is beyond inspirational. “I have the skills and immunity to save lives, I wanted to come back to the ward and help people who were in my position, it is where I belong for now.”