K-K is the only one

If this image doesn’t intimidate you, it should. This is Kadiatu Kamara, otherwise know as ‘K-K’, Sierra Leone’s only female surfer. Her home turf is paradise-on-earth Bureh Beach, where she is a member of Sierra Leone’s only surf club. While Ebola has put a temporary kibosh on all sports and social gatherings across the country, it seems that surfing has survived and K-K is out in the waves almost everyday.


K-K has been surfing for over a year now and is better than most of the boys. “My girl friends are scared of the water, this is why I am the only one. But I try and encourage them and say ‘come and join me’, I want them to try”. K-K’s chosen surfie chick look is a skinny rash and boardies and her smoothest surf trick? “A small barrel”. If you ever get to watch K-K in action I recommend it, she is simply awesome.

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