Self help and fashion by Kallie Weezy

When you meet the sometimes controversial yet always loveable Kallie Weezy, the first thing you notice is his special brand of swag. An edgy nod to detail, coupled with a quiet sophistication makes Kallie a fashion role model for the young men of Freetown. Yet it’s his sage words of wisdom that also demand you stand up and take notice, and when delivered by a man wearing a Louis Vuitton bucket hat teamed with a crisp white Abaya you can’t help but listen.

ice-cream“From when I was a small boy to now, I love fashion, it is a big happiness for me”. ¬†Kallie’s biggest style secret is to always look presentable. “Cleanliness is next to godliness, when you are clean you will be inside of god”. This tidiness mantra has also helped Kallie when it comes to dating, “If you’re untidy, girls won’t like you, so I stay clean always”. “You should not be the tail, you should be the head”, Kallie adds. What the hell does that mean Kallie? “Be the best, always!”.

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