No palavars, only respect

A vision in white, Alhajee Tamba Senessie is wearing the same outfit he wore seven years ago when he travelled to the Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. “It was beautiful nice and holy and everyone was wearing white”. When I spotted him, he was leaving his Mosque after Friday prayer in Congo Town. IMG_4259
This quiet man with a distinguished background is not only a local politician, he is also a Justice of the Peace and Commissioner for Oaths. Someone with this much repsonsibility recognises the importance of dressing with reverence and respect, “White clothes like this distinguish you, they force you to conduct yourself politely and control your mood and behaviour. I avoid making a palaver when I am wearing these clothes”.

IMG_4255And how do you keep those whites so white Alhajee? “Washing carefully, ironing and being respectful to your clothes. My wife usual helps me do this”.

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