Lockdown in a dog collar

An Africana shirt and a dog collar, Rev. Lawrence Davis from St. Johns Cathedral sure knows how to blend on-the-job basics with off-duty flair. “I usually wear this type of combination when I am showing a more casual style, people know who I am but I look relaxed as well”, he says.

The big question though is why is the Rev’s hand on his heart? Because the Sierra Leone Government has just launched a Zero Ebola campaign and this good man of god is pledging a commitment to end Ebola in his country, that’s why. And what is his pledge? “I promise to tell my congregation how to prevent this dreadful disease of Ebola”.

IMG_5014The Zero Ebola campaign kicked off this weekend in celebratory style with the country’s third lockdown since this sh*tty outbreak started in May last year. It’s a final push by the Government to end Ebola and also a chance for people to sit at home for three days and complain about being forced to sit at home for three days. The hope is that it will allow people to pledge, reflect on the hard work and sacrifices already made, and re-comitt to ending the spread of this evil disease.

For some the long weekend is a break from work and a chance to relax, but for many it’s an overbearing pain in the a*s. If you live a hand-to-mouth existence, like most people in this country, and have to rely on a daily subsistence income, it’s tough gathering enough food to feed your folks for three whole days.

A team of friendly door-knockers known commonly as social mobilisers are visiting households and giving out bars of soap (yep, everyone needs a bar of soap right?) and spreading those Ebola messages we can all recite in our sleep. In case you need reminding: call 117 if someone in your house has Ebola symptoms and don’t touch dead bodies.

Rev. Lawrence we wish you and your congregation well in the lockdown and we are thinking of all Sierra Leoneans this weekend, e nor easy O! Let’s hope this marks the beginning of the end of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

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