Swag at the office

When you work in the khaki-clad world of the NGO sector, it’s not always easy to find a colleague with a set of threads you admire. I hit the jackpot at the SMAC (yes that is a real acronym and it’s all about communities fighting Ebola, not with heroin, but with fortitude, courage and deep conversations) office when I found myself working in the same team as the Freetown fashion elite. It was a relief to find that what SMAC lacks in functioning office equipment, it makes up for with some serious human eye candy.IMG_6122‘Ammy A to the J’, Everton fan and all round renaissance man, is number 1 on Allah’s best dressed list in this Ramadan ensemble. Purple cotton and caramel jeans make for a killer colour combo but what pulls it all together is, you guessed it….that hat! Purchased for Le10,000 ($2).

IMG_6153‘Miss MakaLAY’ brings it on for Africana Friday in this bold three-piece, fish tailed extravaganza. A natural in front of the camera, MakaLAY is all about the boho vibe. She has a wardrobe rivalling Kim Kardashien’s, and I have to say, I’ve never seen her in the same outfit twice.