Granny grunge

Isatu is wearing an outfit which reminds me in many ways of my university days (that sentence makes me sound like I went to uni in the swinging 60s, I didn’t ). A polyester floral skirt and a scarf with flecks of shimmery fabric were a couple of go-to items I just could not have lived without.

GrannySomehow this 83 year old grandmother pulls it off with a lot more flair than what I ever managed. Yep, this outfit would have been perfect for crowd surfing at a Hole concert followed by a late night session of bucket bongs in a dark lounge room that smells of Champion Ruby. Are they Blundstone Boots under her dress? 1995 really was a fashionable time.

Friday best

Holy month fashions just keep on rolling in Freetown. Head of one of Freetown’s many downtown mosques, Sheik Jalloh saves this outfit for Ramadan Friday prayer.

Sheik_Jalloh_low_resSheik is all fancy pants finery in this exquisite black cloak with embroidered gold detailing and a beautiful matching hat. And he has his wife to thank for scrubbing up so well, she does all his washing and won’t let him leave the house unless his shoes are shining.