Trending now: Tiah Knox at Fashion Week

Sierra Leone Fashion Week Director Tiah Knox is ready to take on the world with the fashions of her mother country. “The hard work’s been done, it’s now time to show them what we’ve got”, said Tiah on the eve of the biggest fashion event of the year.             “Come and see what fashion is doing, it’s changing lives, it’s making an impact”.                I couldn’t agree with you more Tiah, if I was in charge fashion would have it’s own pillar in the Millennium Development Goals.

SONY DSCTiah is all smiles, nerves and excitement at Family Kingdom where the models have been madly rehearsing their sashays, turns and awkward leans. Tiah believes that “Sierra Leonians are awakening into fashion” and surely this event will awaken the world to the unique style of Sierra Leone.

50 models, 20 designers, including ‘Armani’ from Wilkenson Rd Freetown (not to be confused with the other Armani) are all here ready to be showcased.

Models_low_resTiah is a mother and big sister to the young models of fashion week. If you ask any of them what they think of Tiah, the unanimous response is always “Tiah is awesome”.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of Tiah, check out these interviews, straight from Family Kingdom in Freetown.

Part 1 – Tiah gives us the Fashion Week must-see events.

And Part 2 – Tiah talks style and designers

Sierra Leone Fashion Week has arrived

If you’re not on your way to Freetown right now, where are you?  Sierra Leone’s first ever fashion week is about to begin. Despite a low key build-up, there promises to be an explosion of activity in the coming week.


And there’s certainly an explosion of activity in this flyer. Looks like we have a street carnival at Freetown’s premier venue -the National Stadium, a couple of fashion shows and even a health, business and fashion workshop. Jimmy D, Delice West and Habbib will be there and that sultry minx on the left is the power house behind this event, Ms Tiah Knox. Tiah is originally from Sierra Leone but grew up in the US and has returned to help shine the spotlight on the fashion industry. A quick look at Tiah’s bio made me feel like a dole-bludging derelict, she’s a model, model agent, designer, entrepreneur, events organiser, linguist, philanthropist, beauty pageant winner and all round role model for the entire human race.

IMG_0607That’s Tiah in the middle directing her models in their catwalk rehearsals. I’ll be giving you more of Tiah’s story and coverage of SLFW13 over the next week, stay tuned.