Stubborn yet stylish

It may be the silly season, but it’s also the season of sports carnivals in Freetown. This means that on any given afternoon, you can visit the National Stadium and watch schools from across the peninsula compete their asses off in an all-in sporting orgy. What usually happens is that the students dress in their ‘house’ colours – either blue, green, yellow or red. This is the same system we had when I was in primary school, wow nothing has changed in 55 years!

Ali is in fact breaking a very serious school rule right here in front of us by not wearing his house colours. He is part of the red house but has different ideas about his colour chart. “I don’t like red, I like pink so I wore all pink. I feel good in these clothes”. And what did Ali’s teacher have to say about this? “Ali is a very stubborn boy who is not following the system”. Thank you Mr Kargbo. Ali, you may be blatantly ignoring Mr Kargbo but you look damn fine while doing it.

Gentleman Style

Freetown Rapper Nex Lu is trying out a new image he likes to call “Gentleman Style”. In a step away from his standard Kanye vibe, Nex has thrown together a more sophisticated look that includes a check shirt with jeans and a pair of nerd glasses that have automatically increased his IQ by 200 points.


“I don’t follow trends, I do things on my own, in my own way”, says Nex. Yes, yes you do Mr Lu!