Swag at the office

When you work in the khaki-clad world of the NGO sector, it’s not always easy to find a colleague with a set of threads you admire. I hit the jackpot at the SMAC (yes that is a real acronym and it’s all about communities fighting Ebola, not with heroin, but with fortitude, courage and deep conversations) office when I found myself working in the same team as the Freetown fashion elite. It was a relief to find that what SMAC lacks in functioning office equipment, it makes up for with some serious human eye candy.IMG_6122‘Ammy A to the J’, Everton fan and all round renaissance man, is number 1 on Allah’s best dressed list in this Ramadan ensemble. Purple cotton and caramel jeans make for a killer colour combo but what pulls it all together is, you guessed it….that hat! Purchased for Le10,000 ($2).

IMG_6153‘Miss MakaLAY’ brings it on for Africana Friday in this bold three-piece, fish tailed extravaganza. A natural in front of the camera, MakaLAY is all about the boho vibe. She has a wardrobe rivalling Kim Kardashien’s, and I have to say, I’ve never seen her in the same outfit twice.

Thank God it’s Africana Friday

It’s the best day of the week, and frankly it couldn’t have come around fast enough. Behold these Africana delights as we approach the weekend.

I’m a sucker for a man in a Fez (except Gadaffi, couldn’t stand Gadaffi) so when Daramy joined my taxi queue this morning I was all over him with my camera. D does not hold back with his Africana two piece suit, an ensemble he has had in his wardrobe for several years. And please sit back and marvel at his fake fur Fez.

Fourah Bay College  law student Jacinta and Fashpack regular  stitched this dreamy Africana skirt herself. It’s called a Tafunga skirt and the trick is to retain your modesty when that big split flaps about in the wind by wearing tights underneath.Very sensible Jacinta!