Versace wears Gucci

Kroo Town Road label-addict, aptly named Versace, has a particular formula when getting dressed in the morning. Contrary to the advice of every second fashion editor/stylist/model/commentator in the world, he likes to dress head-to-toe in the same designer. The day I bumped into him it was all about Gucci…
…with a hint of LV -check that mobile phone case. Versace describes himself as a ‘fashion man’ and is all set to compete in the Royal Brotherhood Social Club Triple K Designing and Beauty Contest. The three Ks being referred to here  stand for Freetown’s trendy inner-city fashion hotspots – Kroo Town Rd, Kroo Bay and Kingtom, not the Ku Klux Klan in case you were confused.

Wishing you lots of luck Versace, judging from the poster I think you have a pretty good chance of beating Baby Sal, Opoku, Queences, Isatu Barrie and Sheik ‘P’. Actually Sheik ‘P’ is going to be hard to defeat, but if there’s anyone who can grab that US$1000 in cash with both hands, it’s you Versace.

C.O.M Alert

A walk through the streets of Freetown on any given day and you are bound to run into a cute old man. The COM is a popular genre in this vibrant capital and god knows you can find plenty of them on this blog – check it here, here and here, just as a few examples. Yep I do have a thing for seniors of the male variety, especially when they are as finely turned out as local councillor Saidu Kamara.

Saidu is one of the sweetest COMs I know, his sartorial preferences swing between suits and jalabas, but one thing he won’t leave home without are his trademark shades.IMG_6693  “I just want to look decent and respectable, the glasses are good though. Many people have paid me a compliment for them but this is the first time anyone has taken my photo.”