Sit on it thieves: Ibrahim makes a fashion comeback

Is that Arthur Fonzarelli? No it’s Ibrahim – the best dressed Okada driver in town. As many long time readers will know, Ibrahim suffered an enormous blow to his sartorial confidence earlier in the year following the theft of half his wardrobe from his home (read here for all the sh*tty details). It’s taken a while but I get the feeling Ibrahim’s mojo has returned.

Nothing says COMEBACK like a black mesh hooded singlet worn with red framed Ray Bans. It’s not exactly the leather jacket and brill cream ensemble, but there’s something about Ibrahim’s fierce confidence that reminds me of the one and only ‘Fonze’. Happy Days Ibrahim!

Okada drivers get behind the red team while wearing crazy hats

I promise, this red obsession will end soon. But not before we take a look at the superb theatrics of these outfits worn by two of Freetown’s favourite Okada drivers.


So much to get excited about with Abdul’s Sargent Pepper’s themed look. The red coat with the policeman’s hat from Kent Police station (on the Freetown peninsula) complimented by white square-toed shoes and pants  give it all a polished finish. You’ll never be a lonely heart in this outfit Abdul, girls go nuts for a man in uniform. 


Mohammed lets us know he’s on the red team with his Ray Ban sunglasses, but clearly the star of this outfit is the hat. He had no idea where it came from but my guess is that an insecure 15 year old from the mid west of America made a charity store donation after quitting the marching band when realising it was not going to get him a girlfriend. Such a young and foolish mistake. I bet Mohammed is getting loads of chick action in this hat.